The transportation department of our company consists of  high qualified specialists who are able to provide reliable performance of your transportation order in time.


The main freight directions:

·       Ukraine, Russia, Turkey;

·       European countries: Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, Holland, Italy, France and Belgium;

·       Asian countries: Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Iran.


Transportation we provide:

·       ank trucks (food) (30-33 m3);

·       tent trucks (50-120 m3);

·       trucks refrigerators (30-92 m3).


The price policy of our company provides an individual approach to each client taking into account the direction, specifications of a load and its transportation as well as fuel prices.

PP “Sale & Co” – a company that provides customs brokerage services under the license.

The services of the type are in their preparatory stage.


It is planned to provide warehousing services in the territory of Poland (individual and general warehousing areas, short-term and long-term freight storage, freight packaging, palletizing, assistance in re-loading goods from one vehicle to another, etc.) 


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